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Nett-Tell LLC, Changing The Way We Call People

July 23, 2016

It’s time to introduce you to the new digital service that is changing the country and the way we make phone calls called VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. Voice Over Internet Protocol is a methodology and selection of technologies for the delivery of voice communications, such as phone calls et cetera, and multimedia sessions, such as video conferencing and other such combined media meetings, over Internet Protocol networks, for example, the internet. There are other terms commonly associated with VOIP which are IP telephony, Internet telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service. VOIP is a great way to trim your overhead costs as a business or individually. You should consider contacting a VOIP provider such as Nett-Tell LLC.

Most traditional phone service providers will charge extra for all of their outbound features, but with Nett-Tell LLC, many of these outbound features come standard with their VOIP services. Features like alternate caller ID. This feature is for if you are utilizing two lines, you can make any number linked to your account appear on the outbound caller ID. Another outbound feature that Nett-Tell LLC offers is their simultaneous ring. This features is designed to make any incoming call ring to your mobile or office number in addition to your Nett-Tell LLC servicing line for ease of multi-tasking while making calls and receiving them. Let Nett-Tell LLC provide your VOIP servicing and get these features and more and start saving money today.